R5 family: NEW ALBUM TIME!
R5: YA!
R5: lol jk

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Teaser of a new video I’m attempting to work on…

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And this is what it looks like when Rocky is trying to choke Ross in the middle of your Lynch boy hug.

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Anonymous: Is me and you only 9 chapters or you're going to write more ? P.s: I love your fanfictions !!!

I’m starting chapter 10 today! But sadly it’ll only be about 15 chapters and the next few chapters will be filled with time skips and stuff. I’ve lost my inspiration for the story honestly but I wanna finish it how I planned which was filled with time skips, so y’all will need to bear with me.

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Anonymous: The link of your fanfiction?


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There’s still crap being said about my VIP photo [rubs temples] if the A&A fandom isn’t YOUR fandom you shouldn’t be worrying about somebody who brought it up at an R5 concert. Rocky laughed over the poster. Ross laughed over the poster. They all answered an A&A question. Just two days prior Rydel said she was dating Ally. Rocky said in Ross’ dreams he’s dating Laura. Ross sang ‘Not A Love Song’ for a little girl. IF THE BAND DOESN’T MIND A&A BEING BROUGHT UP THEN NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!!!!!! I don’t see people complaining when TBM gets brought up, but A&A? Yeah, lets complain about what helped R5 get to where they are now because without A&A there wouldn’t even be a TBM and possibly not an R5 world tour. The A&A cast is completely 100% supportive of R5 as is R5 of them, it’s a show Ross stars on, it’s gonna be brought up and if you wanna bring it up, go ahead and take the risk and do it! Just because people are bitter and hating from behind a computer screen doesn’t mean you can’t bring up something you love to somebody you love. I’m so tired of seeing people hate on the show being brought up and that’s one reason why I did it, somebody had to take the risk, and it just happened to be me and I was expecting to get attacked and because of that I questioned my choice of doing it, but in the end I don’t care about other people’s opinions, because it’s only Ross and the rest of the band’s reactions that mattered to me. Okay so, this has been a PSA that it’s perfectly okay to bring A&A up at R5 concerts if you would like to. 

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Anonymous: do you have the link for the girl that defended you?


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Tumblr playlist