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Ross and Laura have both admitted that it was their mutual choice to kiss in the second half of prom when it could have been fake. Let that sink in.

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raura, a summary /// [insp]

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deny-me-i-dare-you: I saw the promo for the A&A episode "Beauties & Bullies" and am so grateful they are covering this topic. It hits so close to home for me, I was nearly in tears just seeing the promo and remembering the emotions I felt when I was bullied. I cannot wait for this episode, because I know the writers have done well to cover this sensitive subject. You are absolutely amazing, truly, as well as everyone working on the show. If you don't mind me asking, how did you feel when you first read the script?


Thank you! It was emotional for me too. Topics like this, especially bullying, always hit home for me too. I was bullied when I was younger. Even now that I’m on TV I’m still getting made fun of and picked on. I pulled from experience for the tears, but I also teared up knowing kids have to go through this everyday. It really breaks my heart. Heath & Kevin worked really hard on this script to portray a true bullying situation. We all sat down to talk about what I should get bullied for, how to go about dealing with it, etc. They included me in the process the whole way and Disney was completely supportive with everything. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope it shows you that anyone can get bullied, but it does get better and it WILL get better. You can beat this and be better than the bullies. Always remember to love yourself and spread kindness throughout the world.

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Sneak Peek of Special Anti-Bullying Episodes of "Austin & Ally" and "Girl Meets World"



Sneak Peek of Special Anti-Bullying Episodes of “Austin & Ally” and “Girl Meets World”

austinally-beautiesbullies-092514Bullying is a big issue that many people deal with today, whether it’s in person or online. Disney Channel has teamed up with two of its shows, “Girl Meets World” and “Austin & Ally,” to air special…

I really hope all of you watch this Sunday’s episode of Austin & Ally. I hope it can help open people’s eyes to bullying and how it can all be prevented.

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Soooooo…I think they liked my gift. 😭

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'Choose Kindness': Disney Channel to Launch Anti-Bullying Campaign

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