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some of y’all would ship laura with an animal in hopes that it would make ross jealous

I’m clumsy ‘cause she finds me attractive.

Make Me Choose-

Anonymous asked: Ross Lynch or Olivia Holt; Why not both?

— Anonymous: What do you think about Locky? (you know Laura and Rocky).

I think they have an adorable friendship, we just don’t see it much. I mean did you see that hug from the KCA’s and him using her back for an autograph? But I’d never ship them, brotp? Yes. Ship? No. 

high school musaical 3 faceless

You guys, should send me this or that things so I can do Make Me Choose gifsets. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

iheartthecrossonross: Loveeeeee Where The Pasture Ends soooo much!

Aw, thank you so much! image

Where the Pasture Ends Chapter 5

She grew up most of her life in the busy city of Miami. She’s forced to move to a small town in North Carolina when her dad moves his job and he tells her she needs an attitude check. This town will supposedly give her just what she needs according to her dad. Little does she know, what she needs is the strict Christian boy next door who immediately hates her. Or does he? // AU Auslly, Rated T.

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